Basics You Must Know About High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting, also called as hydro-jetting, is a technique of cleaning and unblocking drains of clogs. The technique involves usage of water, which is jet at extremely high speed in order to clean the drains properly and remove the toughest of blockages that may exist in your drainage pipes. If the job is done professionally well, then you won’t notice a clog at least in the near future.


Hydro- jetting drainage pipes functions the same way as power washing. If the blockage is stubborn and located far deep in a drainage pipe, the high pressure from this equipment, which is around 60000 PSI, can easily clear it and fix any drain blockage problem quickly.

Top benefits of hydro-jetting


Certainly there are some traditional methods that can deal with blocked drains. However, they can’t match the effectiveness of the hydro-jetting. Snaking a drain or rooting it can never clean the pipe fully. Often the traditional techniques let many residues inside the drainage pipes even when the unblocking job is done. Some residues are very sticky and thus the process of clogging begins again.

To the contrary, high pressure water jetting line cleans the drainage pipe to an extremely thorough extent such that no residue is left inside it. And thus, it promises steady and continuous flow of water through the pipe, minimizing the risk of clogging in the future.


Jetting technique can be used to fix both commercial and domestic drain related problems. Most drain service provider companies use cutting-edge technology to clear blockages using hydro-jetting theory. And the drainage engineers are trained and skilled to perform the job such that it will not pose any threat to your drainage or sewer pipes.


High pressure water jetting is faster and more efficient approach to drain cleaning. The faster the job can be done, the less people will be exposed to possible contaminants. Meaning, there is no health risk involved.


Compared to its traditional counterparts such as chemical cleaners, snake, baking soda and vinegar, and hot water, hydro-jetting will certainly cost you more. But the traditional methods are less efficient and will take longer to fix the problem. And if the drain repair company you hire charge per hour, then the cost may stack up quickly.

Instead hydro-jetting takes only a fraction of the time needed for those standard techniques of cleaning and unclogging drains. So ultimately, the cost may get tossed up. Hydro jetting is truly a cost-effective means of drain unblocking.


Thinking from an environmental point, at a first glance, you may consider hydro-jetting as a waste of water, which is of course very valuable resource for the mankind. However, the hydro-jetting method doesn’t actually waste water; instead it uses water for a very important purpose. If you are living near a lake or river, hydro jetting is the best alternative for you. Above all, this method doesn’t involve usage of any harmful chemicals which may negatively impact the environment. And like other traditional methods, it doesn’t bring the harmful bacteria from underground to the surface.

Preventative Maintenance

Yes, drain jetting is a good preventive measure. Regularly hydro-jetting will always keep your drainage system free of blockages!